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Out of the Ashes: U of D Student Impact

Out of The Ashes - Sunday, January 07, 2018

University of Delaware Student Impact: How Out of the Ashes Touched Our Class.

November 2017

Coley Harris and Ahmarr Melton presented to the Dr. Ann Aviles's students in her Family Studies and Human Development class. The students responded with a warm video impact statement. We are thankful for your support.

Come out and witness this powerful presentation on January 18, 2017 at Stubbs Elementary School


Beauty in the struggle

Out of The Ashes - Sunday, September 04, 2016

I can remember walking home, to my cousin/brother's house in WIlmington, Delaware at 11pm from 8th street to 38th street. I had to be back to work by 7am. I was never late. I can remember asking people to allow for me to volunteer at their youth programs, so that I could get into the field where I was passionate. They blew me off, lied to me and spun me.Then Mike Barbieri gave me a shot!

I love this process! I love the growth through the struggle. It took spiritual enlightenment to for me to understand that the gatekeepers knew not what they did by trying to keep the message from the people. It was yet another piece of the "master plan unfurling before my eyes, manifest and real."

Thank the Most High for this journey as we move forward. As I left my son this morning after our walk I experienced a familiar feeling. It is a cataclysmic mental shift that takes place before the breakthrough. Oh yes, a familiar feeling. I often tell our children on the inside to shift that energy and do not allow yourself to be denied ANYTHING ON GOD'S CREATION of the good.

Did I tell you that I love the struggle?

If he is in a hole, jump down and show him the way up

Out of The Ashes - Wednesday, July 27, 2016
I hear a lot of people complain about the state of the youth today. Some people are even willing to give up on their own children. This is a hard thing to hear. Recently in my hometown there have been sweeping arrest of young men, many of which do not have a father in their life. I have worked with young people for quite some time now, going back to 1998 in Project Aware.

​The worse thing we can do is turn our back to our children. This will give them permission to embrace misguidance and even reinforce the idea that they have no one upon whom to depend. Keep working with your child. Continue to guide them to what is good. Sometimes when they are at their lowest point we must do all that we can to identify with their psychological pitfall  and help them to climb out of the hole. We haven't always been the responsible and respectable people that some of us are. Every ill that has a hold upon our children can be undone. We, just have to show them the way. 

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