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"They told me to be his friend, but I did not listen"

Out of The Ashes - Friday, July 29, 2016

When I first came home a lot of people told me to be my son's friend. I didn't listen to them. I knew that in that critical stage of my son's life that he needed his father.

​Unfortunately a lot of parents are making the mistake of trying to be their children's friends. Our are children our children look for guidance and structure from us. They do not look for the type of guidance and acceptance that they that they seek from their friends. Our children need for a level of support that surpasses friendship. They do not respect a parent who is more concerned with friendship than parenting. The contempt is forthcoming. 

​Ahmarr and I have grown our relationship under the most unlikely of circumstances. I think the uniqueness of our situation has made our relationship stronger. We continue to grow and to learn from one another. Even with coming in to his life in earnest at such a late point, there were/are still many lessons that I can teach him.  I am so thankful that we had the courage to make an attempt. I can not imagine how life would have been without him in my life. 

​Yes, they told me to be his friend at first.......But I did not listen.

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