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Top 5 Things That New Dads Get Wrong!

Out of The Ashes - Monday, September 12, 2016

Being a Dad is not for the faint at heart. Your children will test your grit. Our children are masters at pushing buttons and pulling on heart strings. Many parents learn how to put on that tough skin and weather the storm of a teenager, but what about the new parent?  Here are a few tips for the new parent, whether it be through a blended family, first child or re-entering your child's life.

These 5 easy tips will put you light years ahead.
  1. Don't try to be your child's friend. I know we want to hear all of their little secrets and walk them through the pains of life, but a healthy separation will keep the relationship in perspective. After all, does a friend tell a child that they are grounded?
  2. Give a child structure. Even with attempting to allow our children to express their autonomy we must still give them some structure, a foundation from whence to spread their wings.
  3. Share some of your short comings. It is ok to be imperfect. Sharing a failure will allow for children learn from our lessons and not be afraid to take healthy risk.  
  4. Be compassionate. Just because you are the DAD does not mean you have to be iron. Children look for security and nurturing from both parents.
  5. Lead by example. The do as I say not as I do days are gone. The entire world is going to form an opinion about us by what they see, why would our children be any different.

I hope that these tips have proven to be helpful. Let's stay in touch. Please share some of your cool parenting tips and experiences on our page. Thanks. 
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