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"When you were watching your father shave, I was cutting my throat."

Out of The Ashes - Thursday, July 28, 2016

The first time Ahmarr read this line we cried. It is a bitter pill to swallow- coming face to face with the pain
you caused your child by abandoning him. Every time he says these lines during our play, Out of the Ashes, my stomach aches.
All I can see is his 9 year old pudgy face with shaving cream and blood running down his neck.

Everyday across our cities and neighborhoods we watch our children cut their throat
through substance abuse, gun violence and giving up.
Out of the Ashes is a punch in the stomach for guys like me.
Fortunately my grandchildren will never feel the dull pain of not having a father in their life.

​Ahmarr and I continue to heal our relationship. We continue to grow together and be father and son.
He is an awesome father and powerful Blackman. 
It is never too late to teach our children how to stroke the blade gently with the grain of life.

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